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Since Lampard became the Chelsea coach, the Blues have conceded about 1.5 goals per game in the Premier League (63 goals conceded in 43 games). Among all the previous Blues coaches who have coached more than one game, Lampard's defensive answer sheet is the worst.


At 3:30 pm local time last Saturday, the Chelsea fans waiting in front of the TV subconsciously drooled. At Stamford Bridge, they saw a set of active frontcourt fours. These Blues players constantly interspersed with running and flexibly changed positions, disturbing the Southampton team can not get a moment of peace.


Mount, Haverts, and Pulisic are not in a fixed position, all three have a high degree of freedom. At the same time, Werner as the arrow also scored twice in the game-those discussions about his dissatisfaction in the Premier League can be temporarily stopped.


But once again... Chelsea's fragile line of defense made the team's efforts in vain. The 2-0 lead that was originally held was easily turned into 2-2 under the pressure of Southampton. The first goal conceded was caused by a Haverts error, which made Ince a bargain for nothing. The second goal was more complicated, because it only appeared after Zuma and Kepa made consecutive mistakes.


Finally re-established a 3-2 lead, and as a result, Chelsea was tied the score by the opponent using set-piece tactics before the end.


Even if the new aid Ziyech only got 20 minutes of playing opportunities in this game, the Chelsea team under Lampard has shown great offensive potential. However, the "side effect" brought about by the abundant firepower is that they often get out of the fire and hit their toes.


All kinds of defensive mistakes have emerged this season. In fact, since the official appointment of the Chelsea coach in August last year, many people have publicly questioned the team's defensive ability.


Lampard has led Chelsea to participate in 43 Premier League games. The team has conceded 63 goals and averaged about 1.5 goals per game. (After entering the Premier League era) Among all the previous Blues coaches who have coached more than one game, this data is the worst.

兰帕德(Lampard)带领切尔西参加了43场英超联赛。球队已经承认了63个进球,平均每场比赛约1.5个进球。 (进入英超联赛时代之后)在之前所有执教超过一场比赛的布鲁斯教练中,这一数据最糟糕。

Counting from Lampard's appointment, only four Premier League teams, Southampton, Aston Villa, West Ham United and Brighton, have conceded more goals than Chelsea during this period.


During this period, Chelsea's opponents have completed a total of 379 shot attempts-only Manchester City has suffered fewer attacks than them in the league.


This problem is related to personal error.


Lampard knows very well that what this team needs is on-the-spot control, and his team has been out of control on many occasions this season. Lampard said: "These mistakes will arouse your attention. (The second goal) is a typical example, we should have used a better and simpler way to deal with it.


Is this also related to tactics? From the beginning of this season, Chelsea adjusted the formation to 4-2-3-1-this is the inevitable result of the surplus of attackers in the team-but in the case of Chilwell is also allowed to participate in assists frequently, we even Can often see the presence of 5 attackers in the frontcourt of Chelsea.


Although being good at assists is one of Chilwell's specialties, the position that is too far forward also allows opponents who are planning to counterattack enough room to play. Southampton has taken advantage of this weakness in this game. From the first minute of the game, he focused his attack on Chelsea's wing. The tactics of the "Saints" in the first half were not very successful. , But it worked wonders in the second half.

尽管擅长助攻是Chilwell的专长之一,但过分的位置也让打算反击足够空间的对手可以发挥比赛。南安普敦在这场比赛中利用了这一弱点。从比赛的第一分钟起,他就将进攻重点放在了切尔西的侧翼上。上半场“圣徒”的战术不是很成功。 ,但是在下半场它创造了奇迹。

In any case, the visiting team carried out this tactic to the end, although the risk was eventually rewarded. In the current Premier League environment, every game seems to be a game of coin guessing, and the probability of guessing right and wrong is roughly similar.


Whether it is to consolidate the line of defense or adapt to a new formation, Lampard needs enough time. But for the current Blue Army, sufficient training time cannot be guaranteed.


"I don't think the main responsibility for conceding a goal is related to the team's formation." Lampard responded after the game. "Yes, we did change the formation. I have to make a series of decisions based on the current configuration of the team to ensure that these players can exert their maximum power. These are things that I must consider, but it also means that I Will stubbornly stick to a set of formations and will not let go. As we move forward, some things can be changed and adjusted. Sometimes you have to let go of your worries and move on, because we are going through a change."

“我不认为达成目标的主要责任与球队的组成有关。”兰帕德在比赛后作出回应。 “是的,我们确实改变了队形。我必须根据球队的当前配置做出一系列决定,以确保这些球员能够发挥最大的力量。这是我必须考虑的事情,但这也意味着我会固执地坚持下去,不会放手。随着我们的前进,有些事情可以改变和调整。有时候,您必须放开自己的担忧,继续前进,因为我们正在经历变革。”

"Change needs to be done on the training ground, but we don’t have enough time. So sometimes, it can only happen on the field of the game. Today I saw a lot of positive things through this 4-2-3-1 formation. Things, especially in the first half. So for the second half of the game, I personally can’t complain about the team’s formation. (Rather than complaining about the formation) the main reason is actually: our players can’t better deal with what Southampton gives us pressure."

“变革需要在训练场上进行,但是我们没有足够的时间。所以有时候,变革只能在比赛现场发生。今天,我在4-2-3- 1阵型,尤其是上半场。所以在比赛的下半场,我个人不能抱怨球队的阵型(而不是抱怨阵型),主要原因是:我们的球员不能更好地应对南安普敦给我们带来的压力。”

"We want to defuse their pressure, but we have not done well enough. This has also led to us loosing the ball easily in our own half. No matter what formation you choose, once this happens, it will cause big trouble."


We are currently experiencing what can be described as the "strangest" Premier League season in history. In this environment, if a giant team can ensure the health of its players, be immune to the external environment, and reduce low-level errors in the game The occurrence of this team is most likely to have the last laugh.


In some tough battles that required patience and exhaustion last season, Lampard was punished for being too idealistic-considering that he had worked with Mourinho for three and a half years as a player, this is It seems even stranger.


Lampard is an out-and-out winner. Now is the time for this team to close the store and stop giving gifts.


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